Insurance License & State Exam

Steps to Get Your Insurance License

Online Insurance Prelicense Training Prelicense student studying for state exam

1. Sign up for our pre-license training course HERE

2. Schedule the State Exam at a Testing Center near you. Pass it, then…

3. Apply for your insurance license HERE

Things you Should Know

California Insurance Licenses

Find out which license and training you need here. Find out more about the License process here. We’re happy to help or you can call the call the CDI’s Producer Licensing Bureau at (800) 967-9331 or (916) 322-3555.   Tip: The DOI opens at 7AM. If you call early, your chances of speaking to a “live” person are better.

Our License Training

Find out what you will learn from our training here. For more details see a demo on how it works.

The State Exam

You can schedule the State Exam anytime . . . even today!   Just leave enough time to complete our course and memorize our exam workbook before you take it. All scheduling of the State Exam is now handled by a private company called PSI.   PSI Exams have more locations that may be closer and there is usually no fee for parking. You will receive your score from the exam proctor immediately upon finishing the exam. For detailed information and FAQs on Taking the State Exam and the Day of The Exam click here.

IMPORTANT: When you schedule the State Exam, be sure to leave enough time to finish your online training AND at least a week or two to study your online exam prep workbook.

Tips on Passing the State Exam...the Need for a Crash Course?

The most important preparation will be the state exam prep we provide you when you sign up for our license training. If you commit it to memory you will probably get through the state exam without a problem. For that extra assurance, we recommend our online Crash Course. It has insider test taking tips, critical definitions, dates, penalties and bonus questions you can use to breeze through the state exam. Best of all, if you use Crash Course, WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL PASS


The state has very specific fingerprinting requirements that must be met before your license can be issued.

You can find further information about fingerprinting here.

You can also find the forms needed to request a fingerprint scan here.

We believe it will be easier to have them taken at the State Exam Testing Center. The cost is between $60 – $70.

License Application

You apply for your license AFTER you pass the State Exam The license application fee is currently $188 per license. This fee covers license fees for the first two years you are in business.

Good luck!