Prelicense Training Conditions

Important Information about your Insurance Training

We don’t like surprise and we’re sure you don’t either. Here’s some important things you need to know about our courses, procedures and policies.
You will find that our pre-license system is the web’s easiest to use. Simply sign up and study. We keep track of your time and gently lead you through the process. Here’s some other things you should know . .
  • 1.) Identity VerificationAt certain points along the way, the State requires that we ask a couple security questions designed to identify you (you provided answers to these when you signed up – nothing difficult here).
  • 2.) Tracking TimeThere are required minutes you must spend on each study section that our system automatically tracks for you (again a State requirement).
  • 3.) QuizzesAt the end of each study section you must take a short quiz. The State requires that you answer all questions correctly in order to move to the next study section. Don’t worry, if you miss an answer, we explain the correct response and you can retake the quiz as many times as you need.
  • 4.) Certificate of CompletionWhen finished studying and answering questions, you will be able to immediately print your Certificate of Completion online! Now you can schedule the State Exam and use our highly successful self-study Cram Course to pass it!

Course Conditions

We hope you are pleased with quality and value our course offers. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, please notify us in writing within TEN days of purchase for a full refund. You have one year to complete this course. However, you should finish as soon as possible since courses are subject to constant re-evaluation and change by the Department of Insurance.

If you fail to make payment for this course, it is considered “incomplete” and your name will not be included on the State-Required “Roster List”. If this course fails to meet standards and/or credit hours advertised, whether it is our mistake or that of the State, we will refund your entire course fee if requested. It is agreed that this amount is liquidated damages. It is also agreed that any differences between you and us will be settled through binding arbitration in Riverside County , California .

The State has approved credit hours for this course but has asked us to mention that they do not endorse content or the author’s opinions. ALL COURSES PROVIDE GENERAL EDUCATION TO INSURANCE AGENTS. CONSULT A COMPETENT PROFESSIONAL BEFORE USING COURSE INFORMATION TO PROCEED ON YOUR OWN BEHALF OR TO ADVISE CLIENTS.