How Does Our Training Work

We have everything you need to pass your California State Insurance Exam. See how easy our system is below:

Step 1 - Login

From the top right corner choose “Study Login” to begin your training.

  • A.) Enter your Driver License #Enter your Driver License # to study or buy additional courses.
  • B.) Sign UpOr, if you have not signed up yet, choose Sign Up. After a few questions your account will be established and you can purchase courses. You will buy them one at a time.
Online Insurance Prelicense Training Preclass Study Login

Step 2 - Your Account

After you sign up, the system will create a personal Account & History page where you can:

  • A.) Purchase Courses Securely
  • B.) StudyStudy one or more courses...stop and go as you like.
  • C.) Print CertificatePrint a Certificate of Completion when you have finished all study requirements.
Online Insurance Prelicense Training Preclass Account Page

Step 3 - Select Your Course

When you click “Study” on your Account Page (above) the Course will open…

  • A.) Open a SectionJust click and open a Section. Our system keeps track of your study time. NOTE: The DOI requires you to be active. If your system is idle for 20 minutes, we are required to log you off.
  • B.) QuizzesSection quizzes (required by the State) turn blue (activate) when you are done reading the test. When taking these quizzes, don't worry if you get a wrong answer, we'll tell you the right one and why it's the best choice. Just re-take the quiz for a perfect score!
Online Insurance Prelicense Training Select course to study
Online Insurance Prelicense Training Selecting Proper Study Section

Step 4 - Study your Prelicense Material

Our insurance prelicense study guides are very easy to read. Study times are automatically tracked and conveniently posted at the top.

  • A.) Read & succeed at your own paceJust read and succeed at your own pace. No boring lecture videos or instructors to lead you around.
  • B.) No printing requiredNo printing needed. You get your own PDF Course Book FREE! Save it to your computer and review it anytime. Whenever you want, print a page or several.
Online Insurance Prelicense Training Reviewing a Prelicensing Course

Step 5 - Print your Certificate

Complete your reading and quizzes and instantly receive your Certificate of Completion online! No waiting. Simply print and sign and it’s ready to hand-in at the State Exam.

  • A.) ReportingWe report results to the State every Tuesday & Thursday or use our Rush Service to have it posted within 48 hours!

Step 6 - Free Exam Prep

Once you finish the course, we are the only California Provider that prepares you to pass the State Exam with a FREE Online Exam Wordbook. Thousands have used this workbook to pass the State Exam the first time!


Or, buy our Crash Course for an unheard of $19 and we guarantee you will pass.

Online Insurance Prelicense Training Prelicense Exam Prep Screenshot

More Free Study Materials

When you order you have instant FREE access to all online study materials, a digital PDF course book, sales guides and reports and more (see below). Access information to your Online Exam Workbook is emailed with a few days.

  • A.) Your PDF BookA full digital version (PDF) of your course book to save to your computer. Print any pages you like.
  • B.) Giant 5,000 page Agent Library!
  • C.) Agent's Guide to Better Sales - 250 Pages
  • D.) Secrets of Online Insurance Selling - 40 Pages
  • E.) Agents Checklist to Win New Clients
  • F.) Secrets to Overcome Objections
  • G.) 11 Stupid Things Agents do to get Sued