Top Three Reasons

The top THREE reasons why you should buy your insurance pre-licensing from Affordable Educators

We give you the state exam prep for FREE!

Others conveniently fail to mention that you need Exam Prep study materials to pass the State Exam. Then, they charge you more for them after you sign up! Don’t you hate it? Get your Exam Prep materials FREE at Affordable Educators.

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We give you credit time for studying exam prep materials

This is huge! Now you can get online time credit to meet your training for studying exam prep materials. We are the only school that can do this because we are the ONLY school that includes Exam Prep for free. Our Exam Prep questions are simply built-in to the training. At any other school, you will ALWAYS spend more time to complete their training and exam prep because you have to take them separately. Building Exam Prep and Online Training into ONE course represents value that no one else can match!

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We give you all the time you need to finish and we answer our phones!

Some schools require you to take your entire course in 30 days or less OR memorize hundreds of exam prep questions in 7 days. Not everyone can just stop everything to meet those deadlines. Also, if you go too fast, you may miss something important! We give you all the time you need – up to one year – to finish your online training.


The license process can be confusing, especially if you are new to the business or haven’t take a State Exam for a while. Don’t worry, we’re there to help, we’ve been doing this since 1993, we’re friendly and we actually answer our phones!

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It's time to get your license! Get started with your pre-license training today!

The Truth about Video Courses

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Video training sounds easy, but how will you remember 52 hours of lectures? Especially when someone is just standing in front of a chalkboard reading text? Studies prove that people learn faster and comprehend more from written materials. And don’t you want a document to refer to later in your insurance career?

No matter what someone says, you can’t pass the State Exam watching a video. There are too many facts, deadlines, penalties, acronyms and vocabulary words you have to learn (actually memorize) to pass.

We offer a simple, time proven approach…easy-to-read online courses with PLENTY of underlining and bold text. AND, a FREE PDF textbook for reference. It works!